Here's What I Know About Humans

Sun 12th – Sat 18th Aug 2012


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Theatro Transcendental


The production follows Lulu, a dog left alone in an apartment for many hours, in which she ponders what her human might be doing while he is away. She scours through newspapers, searching for clues, in awe of the imaginary world named ‘society’. But in her efforts to idolize her human, Lulu slowly begins to piece together the truth behind the façade, and to see what her innocent eyes were blind to. Hilarious yet innately serious, with a vital message to convey, ‘Lulu’ will make you laugh, cry and rethink everything you take for granted.

“Gripping and highly thought-provoking” – Cyprus Weekly

‘HERE’S WHAT I KNOW ABOUT HUMANS, BY LULU THE DOG’ is written and performed by Korina Kontaxaki, a professional yoga teacher and actress, who has devised methods of combining her two professions. The works of ‘THEATRO TRANSCENDENTAL’ have been described as ‘Stand-Up Philosophy’ (Skala Times), and aim to bring about social and personal change through art. The company will also be performing the production ‘THE JHIVA OF NIETZSCHE’ at theSpace @ Surgeons Hall, as well as running a ‘YOGA FOR PERFORMERS’ workshop program at Fringe Central.

Admission: Free

Princes Mall L8

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