Social Husbandry Inc. Breeding a Brighter Society Since 2012

Sat 4th – Sat 11th Aug 2012


“A visceral interpretation of Orwellian themes by this dynamic Wiltshire youth theatre. A must see.”





Green Stag Youth Theatre


GREEN STAG YOUTH THEATRE stages their second show at the Edinburgh Fringe, the premiere of their original play, ‘Social Husbandry Inc, Breeding a Brighter Society since 2012’. A firmly established youth theatre group from the “oo-arr” of Wiltshire invite you into the world of 2032, to experience the aftermath of one of the world’s most tragic events.

Written and directed by the talented young cast; Max Russell, Kingsley Walker, Andrew Wood, Rochelle Oliver, Lauren Bayly, Tim Brown, Chris King, Kieran Odinius, Oliver New and Eliza Harris.

Two stories, two regimes, one inevitable outcome: the continued oppression of the world’s citizens. It is the year 2032. 20 years ago, the biggest terrorist attack in history destroyed one of the Earth’s greatest cities, bringing civilisation to its knees. What part did the rich and powerful of our society play? They took control, exploiting the fears and weaknesses of the citizens. People were trapped, oppressed, conditioned and forced to play their part in the mechanical running of the country, and nothing more. The very ‘worst’ of society, however, were taken to the Nursery, infantilized and quietly disposed of on the naughty step, helping to ‘fuel’ society’s survival. Childlike innocence is twisted, manipulated and distorted, bringing a Burtonesque element to the lives of the occupants of the Nursery.

Admission: £4(£2)

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