Romeo & Juliet

Sun 12th – Sat 18th Aug 2012


“Soundbite to be specified”





Fitchburg State University


23 actors.

3 sword fights.

2 star-crossed lovers.

1 poison vial.

1 last kiss. Unmissable

Shakespeare’s classic tragedy of doomed young lovers is among the most enduring dramatic works in the English language. In this very fast (90-minute) production, the timeless tale is presented simply and clearly. Its humour and bawdiness, angst and pathos is presented as can only be expressed by a cast of 20-year-old actors. Juliet, childlike and innocent, succumbs to the hot-blooded Romeo’s overtures and their fate is cast...

This high-energy adaptation eschews elaborate production values and focuses instead on brave acting on a bare stage. The music is taken from Prokofiev’s pulsing ballet score. There is a balcony kissed with moonlight. And yes, there will be sword fights.

Fitchburg State University boasts an award-winning theatre programme in Massachusetts, USA. The university has brought four other productions to the Fringe: The Tempest in 2000, The Call of the Wild in 2003, The Laramie Project in 2006 and Pullman Car Hiawatha in 2009. Romeo and Juliet features a cast of 25 talented university students.

‘Romeo and Juliet is a Best Bet for theatre’

Sentinel and Enterprise (Massachusetts)

‘This is the best Romeo and Juliet I have ever seen’

Nancy Kelly, Professor of English, Fitchburg State University

Admission: £9.50(£7.50)

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