Trojan Women

Fri 3rd – Sat 18th Aug 2012


“An original adaptation, a travelling folk band tell the tale of the Trojan Women through verse and song.”





Lancaster Offshoots


Join our ramshackle travelling band of players in this unique production as they recount the tale of the Women of Troy. Through original verse and song, each woman tells her story to a haunting live score. An original adaptation of Euripides' classic story, watch as the women's fates are decided by a game of chance, one card at a time. Discover what happens when power corrupts, for Greeks and Gods alike.

The company gather their audience from a select spot on the mile every day and like pied pipers lead them to the venue with an array of songs. They can also be found practising in the parks and grassy areas around the city, treating the public to the occasional pop-up performance.

New writing by director Natasha Farnworth, the plot of the original has been given a new lease of life as the corrupt control of the Gods is exposed for the petty infighting that it is. The travelling band unpack their trunks and unravel their stories with original, beautiful songs written and arranged by Holly Francis.

Lancaster Offshoots are a company dedicated to creating new and innovative theatre based on well known classics. We are interested in exploring methods of storytelling that combines acting, music, dance and movement in an engaging and stimulating way. We are a company that share the same passion and enthusiasm for telling stories, making visually interesting theatre and re-vamping classic texts into exciting and engaging performances.

Admission: £9(£7.50)

theSpace @ Symposium Hall

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