The Music Box

Tue 14th – Mon 27th Aug 2012


“Cambridge University's Recursion Theatre Company presents 'The Music Box'. Original music, artwork and award-winning writing will challenge ”





Recursion Theatre Company


“I dare you to go outside.” The Music Box is a darkly hypnotic exploration

of a child’s imagination that combines award-winning writing, original

music, choreography and artwork.

Laura is playing a game. Join her in a liberating vision of the

kaleidoscope that is growing up. The boundaries of imagination are blurred

as childhood and adulthood collide under the shadow of the elusive music

box. While this destructive child’s play foreshadows the adult to come,

outside the door a strange young man waits to come in.

This critically-acclaimed new play explores the transition from childhood to

adulthood, and its reflection in the approach of death. With a

multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach, the finest acting talent of

Cambridge University takes their audience into the claustrophobic world of a

young girl’s mind.

The Music Box won the Florence Staniforth Prize for Excellence in Creative

Writing, and was shortlisted for the Tab Spirit of Theatre Award. Directed

by Emma Stirling and Pete Skidmore, with original artwork by artist Anna

Moser and music from composer Rhodri Karim, this unique experience is not

to be missed.

PRAISE for The Music Box **** ‘Beautiful', 'sinister', 'wonderfully

unnerving', ‘you cannot help but be immersed in this world’, ‘a remarkable

piece of theatre’ (Varsity) **** ‘Enticing’, ‘rich, diverse performances’

(The Tab)

PREVIOUS PRAISE for the directors Emma Stirling: ‘mesmerizing choreography’

‘maintains our curiosity throughout’ ‘takes exciting theatrical risks’

(Varsity) Pete Skidmore: ‘masterstroke of direction’, ‘finely observed’

(The Cambridge Student), ‘delightful energy’, ‘brilliantly painted

characters’ (The Tab)

Admission: £7(£5)

The Vault, Augustine's (Venue 29)

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