edfringereview.com returns to the Fringe

Mon 30th Jul 2012


“We explore the undiscovered and under-publicised sectors of the Edinburgh Festival by covering student, amateur and Free Fringe plays.”







So, aside from being those lovely people running around in the bright red EFR reviewer jumpers…who are we?

Ed Fringe Review (EFR) is the Edinburgh Festival branch of the Online Theatre Review family. Having set up www.oxfordtheatrereview.com whilst at Oxford University, in 2011 Imogen Sarre and Olivia Edwards launched sister sites in Bristol, Cambridge and Durham, and took student theatre critics from all four universities to the Fringe with edfringereview.com. Through these sites we have achieved an active local presence as well as a nationally-recognised medium through which both performers and reviewers can promote their work.

Online Theatre Review sends two reviewers to the opening night of student, amateur and professional productions in each site’s home city. This policy is designed to promote debate among theatregoers, creating a new way of writing about and responding to theatrical events: our ‘Agree’ and ‘Disagree’ buttons, together with our comments feature and audience members’ star ratings, encourage audience members to voice their opinions quickly and easily. As an exclusively online publication, we can remain up-to-date with local cultural events to provide a dynamic, interactive and ever-expanding resource for performers, writers and audiences alike. Users can browse local theatre events on our city-specific calendars, apply to review a show, control their reviewing portfolio, and upload their own events.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe provides the ideal opportunity to apply our reviewing model to a huge range of exciting theatrical productions. Our reviewing team consists of 32 in-house reviewers who write for us across the duration of the festival, brought together from our campus-specific sites. Each week a group of eight reviewers live together with our two editors in the heart of Edinburgh, creating a community of reviewers which fosters great working and personal relationships, and helps student writers to get the most out of their time at the festival. In addition, we have a number of out-of-house reviewers who also contribute to the site – and we’re always on the lookout for more! Our reviewers are a strong visible presence around Edinburgh throughout the festival thanks to our instantly-recognisable bright red jumpers. As well as reviewing, we’ll be seen on the Royal Mile each day distributing flyers alongside performers, which we believe makes us unique amongst reviewing bodies at the Fringe. We try to review on request, and also make sure we get our reviews online the day after the performance has been reviewed so that plays can start using them straight away. This is OTR’s second visit to the Fringe: by focusing on student, amateur and Free Fringe shows, we are excited to once again work with performers, writers and theatregoers to promote the real, undiscovered Fringe.

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012

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