Bat Boy

Wed 1st – Mon 27th Aug 2012


“The Mocky-Horror Extravaganza of the Year!”







Bat Boy is based on the famous 1992 Weekly World News story about a half-boy, half-bat, found in a cave, which inspired the writers to write this tongue-in-cheek adaptation, combining comedy, horror, and a touching message about fitting in.

When three intrepid young Southerners discover a ‘monster’ while spelunking in a West Virginia cave, the creature is turned over to the town Sherriff, who has to decide what to do with the feral creature. Unsure whether to call the hospital or the FBI, she decides instead to give him to the town vet, Dr Parker. Meredith and Shelley, Dr Parker’s wife and daughter, take Bat Boy under their wing, naming him Edgar and teaching him how to behave in society.

Edgar’s intelligence and eloquence rapidly develop beyond that of the other townsfolk, but he remains an outsider. Growing to resent his family’s attachment to Edgar, Dr Parker hatches a scheme to turn the town against him and force him out. Distraught, Edgar and Shelley run away together into the woods, where they are ultimately discovered, bringing about the shocking revelation of how Edgar came to be born!

On the way, the show takes hilarious routes through hillbillies, cross-dressing, giant bat-ears, and incest, representing some great light-hearted fun, though Bat Boy is fundamentally a story about trying to fit in.

DULOG is Durham University’s musical theatre society. This year will be their fifth Fringe production, after previous hits with Assassins (2008), Merrily We Roll Along (2009), The Wild Party (2010), and Hot Mikado (2011).

Admission: £9.50(£7.50) – £11.50(£9.50)

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