Be Fruitful and Multiply

Sun 19th – Mon 27th Aug 2012


“Sharp Script Brings Heavenly Battle into Focus”





1945 Productions


19th August 2012 sees the Edinburgh Festival debut of Be Fruitful and Multiply, a new work by Harry Zundel and Ollie Feather. The musical comedy is co written and produced by the members of 1945 Productions (www.1945productions.com).

Be Fruitful and Multiply offers a light-hearted take on creation, suggesting that God and the Devil might not be the universe’s opposing forces but merely highly incompatible business partners. The show opens with a keynote speech from Samuel the Firm’s CEO, pitching for an investment in project #1847, or “Project Earth.” Through his ‘human’ creations Al’s long-suffering wife Donna is promised the children he cannot provide for her. Over a pint at the Crossed-Keys Pub, Al asks Moe to write a rulebook to keep humans in check, much to Samuel’s disapproval. On their arrival to the Garden Al gives Adde some rather poor fatherly advice on how to impress women. Meanwhile Samuel’s devious wife Lucinda instructs Eva to ignore any advances from men and think independently, which Eva finds difficult to comprehend.

The show is witty and full of parody, the sets are minimalist giving the atmosphere of a stylish business corporation. The songs are key to the pacing of the plot and, while full of humour, are at times very poignant. The writers hope that the audience will leave the theatre both smiling and reflecting on some of life’s big questions.

Admission: £8.50(£6.50) – £10.50(£8.50)

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