Raul's Were Made to Be Broken

Wed 6th – Sun 24th Aug 2014


“Fun for everyone... except Kim Jong Nam”





Lizard Lounge


Raul Kohli is a fast rising comedian, combining cutting-edge topical humour with jovial anecdotes, surreal stories from his life, and witty political analysis. This is a show which has no hard or fast rules, because if it did have rules, as the title suggests, they would not be adhered to. This show takes on some of the most important issues in the World today such as politics, religion, racism, and most importantly how many kinder Buenos a man can eat while high. With topics ranging from the rise of the far right in Europe, to why he wishes he was Derren Brown, all the way to the flaws of being a vegan, this truly is a show for everybody. Well not everybody. Kim Jong Nam, the elder brother of Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, who was exiled in 2011 for a secret trip to Disney Land, would hate it, but then again how would you feel if your family disowned you and your claim to the throne just for going to Disney Land? With his debut Edinburgh Fringe show gaining a 4* review from Joshua Phillips; editor of the Oxford Theatre Review and it being described as "fresh, funny, meticulously contemporary, genuinely clever and inventive" by Edfringereview.com, this is a show not to be missed, especially for those interested in current affairs. Prepare to embark on an absurd odyssey and adventure as epically alliterated as the aforementioned sentence.

Admission: Free

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