Scandimania: Gods of Ice and Fire

Thu 31st Jul – Sun 10th Aug 2014


“Scandimania: Gods of Ice and Fire is a dynamic and exciting retelling of Norse myth.”





Sundial Theatre Company


High in Asgard, Odin sees everything: from the violent heat and extreme cold of creation to Ragnorok, the destruction of the world by the forces of evil. Creating chaos as he goes, Loki the devil-god lets loose the wolf Fenrir, steals the golden apples that keep the gods ageless and cruelly plots the death of Odin’s favourite son Balder. How will they catch and punish the slippery trickster?

Sundial Theatre Company present a new piece of dynamic theatre which waits to see if the gods will get their vengeance on Loki or if it is already too late and the forces of chaos and destruction will be unleashed at Ragnarok?

Created by Sundial Theatre Company, this production is inspired by a selection of the company’s favourite tales from Norse mythology. Recognisable stories are told through an energetically physical performance by a young cast who expertly combine their physicality with intense story-telling.

Sundial Theatre Company is a youth theatre company, based in Gloucestershire. The company is comprised of some of the Cotswolds most talented young actors and is run and managed by student creative board. The company’s work is physical and exciting with the ability to immerse audiences in story. These are young actors who are not afraid to express themselves.

Admission: £8(£6)

Sweet Venues International 2, Grassmarket

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