The Curing Room

Wed 30th Jul – Mon 25th Aug 2014


“The Curing Room is inspired by a true story of soldiers captured and imprisoned in Nazi occupied Poland.”





Stripped Down Productions


In the Spring of 1944 seven Russian officers have been captured by the Germans in Nazi-occupied Poland and imprisoned nude and possessionless in the empty basement of a monastery - Then abandoned by their captors. Stripped of their uniforms and all ties to the world before, the survivors of Colonel Petrov’s Special Reserve Forces abandon and ultimately redefine their concepts of order, society, and human nature. In order to survive the men resort to cannibalism.

As soldiers of a post-revolutionary atheist Russia how do they reconcile spirituality, dignity and humanity in such extraordinary circumstances? Thoughtful and funny, The Curing Room is a taut, gritty, grisly and intense thriller that absolutely refuses to flinch.

Though what befell seven hapless men “in the last year of the war” will forever remain conjecture – as will, no doubt, the identities of the men themselves –The Curing Room was inspired by an anecdote recalled by George Steiner in The Death of Tragedy. Steiner’s retelling of the event was previously dramatized by The Old Vic Theatre nearly four decades ago in Barry Collins’ solo-work Judgement.

However, the dynamic structure and narrative of The Curing Room occurs in real time and is designed to push both its characters and audiences to the greatest of extremes.

Admission: £13(£11)

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