Cheesed Off

Fri 1st – Tue 12th Aug 2014


“Soundbite to be specified”





Blanket Theatre


A not very mature comedy (with a happy ending)

Deep in the British countryside Desiree milks her goat, mends her makeshift abode and dreams of returning to New Zealand, a place she has not seen since her mother bundled her on a plane at the age of 9 ½. There are just two things standing in her way: a lack of finances and a crippling fear of flying.

Enter Melinda, a high powered sock entrepreneur, on the run and looking for a place to hideout after attacking her boss with a pair of steel toe-capped socks and leaving him for dead.

Melinda and Desiree don't have much in common and to begin with it seems it will stay like that. However like all great partnerships it's the opposites that attract and these two soon discover that they can help each other in their own unique way.

May contain traces of song, dance and physical comedy.

Cheesed Off provides approximately 95% of your recommended daily Theatre intake.

Please recycle.

Admission: Free

Laughing Horse @ the Phoenix

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