Nougat For Kings

Thu 31st Jul – Sun 24th Aug 2014


“From the seediest opium den to Her Majesty's Court, Tarantino meets Tartuffe in Nougat For Kings: farce at its finest.”





Unleash the Llama


It’s 1814. Caecilius Clay is a criminal mastermind with the skills that kill and a seriously chunky medallion. Fled to the New World after a dodgy heist, word of his brother’s death forces him back to London. Fraternal feud erupts in a chase from the seediest of opium dens to Her Majesty's court. Tarantino meets Tartuffe in Nougat for Kings: farce at its finest.

Lotta people didn’t know who I was for a long time,

but now, no cat will ever forget my name.

Back at home, there are scores to be settled. An old partner is kicking back in a regency house. Her daughter is being sued after by a most unsuitable suitor. Judge Shanks is still spanking the monkey. And why does the Captain keep ranting about the roving moon?

***** Tantalisingly bonkers and insistently funny

Previous praise from Cambridge Theatre Review

Nougat for Kings takes period drama’s conservative attitudes and revamps them for the comedy of today. This piece of new writing revels in parody and pastiche: stereotypes will be exploded, traditions will be interrogated, and japery will reign. Expect swordfights. Expect gospel singing. Expect some silly hats.

You stay cool. Your humours be janglin’.

Admission: £10(£8)

Underbelly, Cowgate

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