Dead Fresh

Mon 11th – Thu 21st Aug 2014


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Z Theatre Company


Freshers: sex, alcohol and a corpse under your bed. What would you do? Chop it? Cook it? Dump it in a river? In this dark comedy, follow Sarah's mission to keep a secret so sinister, missing it could be fatal.

Sarah has arrived at university with all the hopes and aspirations she should have: Making friends, drinking a little bit too much and generally enjoying being young. Unfortunately, dead body disposal has joined her agenda. After bringing a guy back from a freshers night, he suddenly dies. Not knowing what to do – and not even sure if it's her fault, Sarah panics and hides him under her bed. After deciding to inform her 'closest' friend, she becomes unwillingly accompanied by her new flatmates, who are not exactly the most helpful assistants. Armed with little more than a few joints and a bottle of vodka, they embark on a mission to remove all traces of the body… But not without a few bumps along the way.

Dead Fresh not only provides comedy but makes you stop and think, 'What would I do in this totally ludicrous situation? Would my friends be any help at all?’ It appeals to any age range. Whilst watching it, it is incredibly easy to see yourself as any one of these characters. Are you the one with the dead body hidden under your bed, with (who are essentially, let's face it) morons to help you? Are you the best friend, who just thinks it's a little bit funny? The friend who comes up with the most gruesome of ideas but is in effect utterly incompetent? Or perhaps you would want absolutely nothing to do with this? After all, these actions would be totally illegal...

An amalgamation of young and talented actors, who effortlessly take you into a world where death is just another funny freshers week story. Dead Fresh provides lively entertainment which will leave you dying with laughter.

Admission: £5(£3)

theSpace on North Bridge (Theatre 2) V36

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