Rants, Bantz & Comas

Mon 11th – Thu 21st Aug 2014


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Z Theatre Company


Z Theatre Company brings their original play ‘Rants, Bantz and Comas’ to theSpace on North Bridge Venue 36, from August 11th - 16th and 18th to August 21st.

This play focuses on the struggles of a regular family with a mountain of issues, who pull together after a traffic accident which has resulted in the tragic loss of one family member. How will the family cope after the loss? Can they put their differences aside to console and help one another?

Written by Joshua Petrini, ‘Rants, Bantz and Comas’ follows a regular working class family, in which the father of Diane Stafford and Denise McGuire (played by Amber Sheridan and Melissa Campbell respectively), is tragically comatose and later passes away after a car accident.

The story shows the varying problems the family face, from the marital bickering between the two sisters and their husbands Kev and Keith (played by John Fairless and Henry Inman), to the arrival of Kev and Diane’s successful and determined daughter, Katie (Sophie Hodgson) and her upper class but somewhat socially awkward husband Andrew Silver (Greg Edwards). The play portrays a struggling family in mourning. Can they can ever put their differences aside in order to console one another?

‘Rants, Bantz and Comas’, the play that gives “family time” a whole new meaning.

Admission: £5(£3)

theSpace on North Bridge (Theatre 2) V36

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