The Result of a Man and his Ponderings

Mon 11th – Thu 21st Aug 2014


“Soundbite to be specified”





Z Theatre Company


Finlay is a man so familiar with every angle, position, shape, size and colour of every object, corner and crack in his house that he knows it so well he can converse with it.

But when the sudden appearance of a newly uninvited intruder threatens the peace and stability of the entire routine keeping Finlay, and his house, from chaos the only thing both can do is figure out who, what, when, where and, most importantly, why; sparking an investigation that spirals out of control and forces Finlay’s entire world to come reluctantly into perspective.

A new, absurdist, comedy piece of oddly dark humour comprised of stylised performance and experimental costume design, The Result of a Man and his Ponderings questions the ridiculous, introspective daily routines of contemporary menial rituals. Perfect for Fringe audiences seeking something quirky, mesmeric and bizarrely different. Be amused by the skill of up and coming comedy actors and writing.

Emerging from Z Theatre Company, the cast and crew is filled with like-minded and creative actors, designers, writers and directors studying theatre practice at Hull University, all of whom have seized the opportunity of working at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with excitement and professionalism.

One man with the sole intention of isolation and a life-long ambition of order, routine, and cups of tea, disrupted by a woman of similar traits with extreme consequences, calling the attention of a stern, vigorous law enforcer, resulting in the influence and attention of three unhelpful pieces of furniture, a man and his ponderings.

What could possibly go wrong? What would you possibly want to miss?

Admission: £5(£3)

theSpace on North Bridge (Theatre 2) V36

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