Wretch Like Me (Or How I Was Saved From Being Saved)

Sat 2nd – Sat 16th Aug 2014


“David Templeton's award-winning one-man-show about growing up, losing faith, and finding joy. ”

Actors Basement/Twisted Productions


In this outrageous, affectionate, whimsically wonderful solo show, ★★★★ (Marin Independent), NEA-honoured journalist David Templeton describes his years as a teenage fundamentalist puppeteer in the 1970s. Praised for its humour, vivid impersonations, and Templeton's ability to sing Amazing Grace backwards, Wretch is a fiercely funny coming-of-age story with a hell of a twist. Openly autobiographical (with graphic descriptions of radical evangelical puppeteering and stuff about biblical masturbation), Wretch is packed with colourful characters, including the tripped-out surfing minister Rev. Dude, a laid back teenage evangelist known as 'Righteous' Rick, and Cindy, an adorable but intense girl who once wet her pants for Jesus.

Some language, reference to radical evangelic puppet shows, speaking in tongues, and biblical masturbation.

Age category: PG

Admission: £8.50(£7)

the Space @ Surgeon's Hall

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