Mon 4th – Sat 23rd Aug 2014


“Your first choice musical this August.”





Off Track Theatre


Why go to university? Ms Miller has one hour to persuade her inner city school’s most difficult students to compose a personal statement. For her, university was a life-changing experience. For them, it’s a waste of time. A daring new musical examining the changing value of a university education.

UCAS is an original piece making its premiere at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, running from the 1st of August right through to the end of the festival season.

When 47% of graduates are working in non-graduate jobs, why bother going to university at all? UCAS is nothing if not well-timed, and non-aggressively addresses the pros and cons behind applying to university, and the plethora of secondary school experiences which aren’t always represented in theatre. Musical theatre has long been the chosen vehicle for investigative yet tongue-in-cheek exploration of contemporary issues, and the songs in the musical break down some of the obstacles that prevent the issues being talked about, both at a grassroots level and nationally. With a West End dominated by jukebox musicals, UCAS offers something different, both in its subject matter, and in its exciting and accomplished score.

Admission: £10(£8)

Greenside @ Nicholson Square

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