Fri 1st – Tue 12th Aug 2014


“Like scientists of old, optimistically firing dogs into space, Cosmonauts are launching their alternative sketch comedy. High-energy idiocy ”



Cosmonauts is a raucous, alternative, late-night sketch show, running as part of the Free Fringe with Laughing Horse in the Attic at the Counting House (Venue 170), 1am, from 1st to the 12th of August.

A man who has lived his entire life in the void of space takes wild guesses at what life on Earth must be like. His half-baked, dead wrong ideas take on the form of surreal, high-energy sketches, and introduce us to a world where deadbeat dads are acclaimed scientists, earnest Fifties teens meet with brutal justice, and the constant threat of being beaten up by space bullies looms.

Directed by stand-ups Edmund Colley and Jack Nicholls, and starring and written by members of the Lancaster University Comedy Institute (LUCI)—Rhianna Tomlinson, Daryl Griffin, Henry Banks, Will Salter, Dave Duncan, Tom Clements and the directors—the show swerves the clichés of student comedy with a honed hour of alternative comedy. Silly while offering rounded characters, dark without being a lazy checklist of ‘edgy’ topics, Cosmonauts is the perfect way to round off a night at the Fringe.

Admission: Free

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House

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