Madame Magenta: Libros Mystica

Sat 2nd – Sun 24th Aug 2014


“Do you want one last chat with your dear, dead granny? Are you profoundly lonely? Madame Magenta can help!”





Lindsay Sharman / PBH Free Fringe


Fans of the esoteric may now rejoice, as the extraordinarily glamourous turbaned psychic, Madame Magenta brings her powerful voodoo powers to The Voodoo Rooms in her Edinburgh Fringe debut, Libros Mystica.

Do you want one last chat with your dear, dead granny? Are you profoundly lonely? Do you smell? Psychic, medium, whyte wytch and celebrated author Madame Magenta can help you!

More magic than psychic Sally and with no affiliation to the devil – Madame Magenta really is the fortune teller you can trust! So welcome to you all, the sad and the lonely, the tragic and misguided ...you have found a friend in Magenta. Come in, laugh, cry and share in songs and tales from the life of the Mistress of Mysteriousness as she offers the best spiritual advice available to the enlightened, before inevitably having one too many tequilas and shamelessly plugging her new book and mystical wares.

MAGENTA is the brand new book from everyone’s favourite psychic which reveals, once and for all, the shameless secrets of a sometime swindler just trying to make ends meet in a world full of unhelpful spirits and fraudulent mediums (who give everyone a bad name). Available to buy after the show.

Madame Magenta & her psychic services are investigational & for the purpose of entertainment. As they are not recognised scientifically, there are no guaranteed or certain results.

Madame Magenta is the creation of character comedian and New Act of the Year finalist 2013, Lindsay Sharman who makes her Edinburgh Fringe debut in Libros Mystica. This boisterously satirical examination of the exploitative nature of mediums and consumerism hilariously highlights the lies, illusions and manipulation that govern our daily lives.

Admission: Free

The French Quarter, The Voodoo Rooms (venue 68)

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