Butterfly in Shades of Blue

Fri 1st – Sat 23rd Aug 2014


“I can talk to girls who aren’t good looking, but with the pretty ones my mouth goes dry, and I suddenly turn into a tongue-tied moron. ”

Red Bullet Productions UK


Red Bullet Productions UK presents

‘Butterfly in Shades of Blue’ , a new and unique two-hander romantic-comedy.

The play will be performed at Edinburgh Fringe 2014 at 12.25pm [1.55pm] in SpaceCabaretV54 August 1st to 23rd [no performance August 13th]

‘Butterfly in Shades of Blue’ runs for 90 minutes, has no set, merely a table and four chairs on stage, just two actors and tells the old, old story of boy meets girl.

Therefore it’s got to be boring….right? In fact, you couldn’t be more wrong!

The brilliant Ceri Bostock and Iago McGuire take on the roles of Vicky and Stephen with often hilarious and at times very poignant results.

The snappy dialogue sparkles like a freshly-cut diamond. No rhinestone here!

The play spans a period of seventeen years in the lives of these two likeable but complex characters. This is what keeps us, the audience, hooked. We warm to these people and we want to know how their relationship is going to pan out.

We see in them our own failings, hopes and dreams. In fact we can all relate to some or all of the scenarios in which Vicky and Stephen find themselves. We want their relationship to succeed because we want them to be happy…..because we ourselves want to be happy in our own lives.

On the surface this is a very simple romantic comedy, but dig a little deeper and the various complex layers of two very different psyches are ruthlessly exposed.

Whether viewed as a superficial romantic comedy or as a much deeper reflection on modern relationships, this play hooks its audience from the very start and refuses to let go.

Space box office 0131 510 2387 / Fringe box office 0131 226 0000

‘Butterfly in Shades of Blue’ is not currently sponsored / we are available for national and international touring.

Note; This play can be performed on a bare stage with just a table and four chairs with minimal props and is therefore ideal for touring.

www.redbulletproductions.co.uk [with video trailer]

FB page; Butterfly in Shades of Blue / Twitter; Ed Penney@redbulletuk

e-mail; edwardpenney@btinternet.com ; Tel; 07779952521 / 01341421097

Admission: £8(£6)


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