Wingman by Richard Marsh

Wed 30th Jul – Mon 25th Aug 2014


“A new father-son comedy telling the shambling story of very distant close relations .”





Johanson Productions


Wingman, a new father-son comedy, is the shambling story of very distant close relations from Richard Marsh, the writer of Fringe First winning Dirty Great Love Story and Radio 4 show Love & Sweets (Best Scripted Comedy at the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2014). No matter how bad life is, family can make it worse.

Mum’s dead. Annoyingly, dad’s not. After twenty years apart, father and son meet again at her graveside. But can they say goodbye to mum without saying hello to each other? Her last wishes don’t give them much choice...

Justin Audibert (RSC) will direct Richard Marsh and Jerome Wright in this achingly funny drama looking at what it is to be both a son and a parent – and how people push problems down through generations. Marsh is one of the few playwrights to combine dialogue-driven narrative with poetry, which he uses to evoke atmosphere and vivid locations in audiences’ minds via his technique of ‘screenwriting for the ears’.

This is the kind of show that simultaneously restores your faith in human nature and the Fringe. …the gag-filled, gutsy writing just keeps on coming (The Telegraph on Dirty Great Love Story).

Wingman is the third play in a loose trilogy. Marsh says, ‘Skittles (aka Love & Sweets on Radio 4) was about love in your twenties, clutching cans of lager on the night bus home. Dirty Great Love Story was about love in your thirties, when everyone around you is getting married and you haven’t quite worked out how. Wingman will be about becoming a parent.’

Marsh is a former London poetry slam champion and a Fringe First winner (for Dirty Great Love Story, co-written with Katie Bonna).

Admission: £6.50 – £12(£11)

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