The Cleek

Wed 6th – Sun 24th Aug 2014


“Part-sketch, part-improv, with a rotating cast and an innovative format that leaves the order of the show entirely in the audience's hands.”





The Cleek


Do you have what it takes to join the Cleek? Do you even want to? Of course you do! And we'll accept you even if you don't. Neither sketch nor improv. And also both. Silly and serious. Yet also neither. The most exclusive all-inclusive open-access members-only group in the world. Whether you feel like you belong nowhere else, or everywhere else, this Fringe you won't want to be anywhere else.

Big on imagination and high on laughs, who knows where the Cleek will take you next? Will you be lucky enough to witness a straight teen's awkward “going-in” as he tells his liberal parents that he's not gay? Maybe you'll see the US government sell off all its assets in a final everything-must-go closing-down sale?

This is a show that never stands still: sketches constantly evolve; half of every show is fully improvised from audience suggestions; meanwhile, the core group of four performers rotates with other ‘satellite’ members and special guest improvisers from across the Fringe.

The Cleek formed during July 2013 at the Second City Training Center, Chicago, where its members were attending intensive summer courses on improvisation and sketch comedy writing. Drawing together talent from four continents, The Cleek is an ambitious experiment in distance collaboration. The group write together online and rehearse via Skype. They won’t meet in person again until the Fringe, where, in their debut show, they'll hit the ground running!

Admission: Free

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