Present and Correct: Now Recruiting

Wed 6th – Sun 24th Aug 2014


“Present and Correct want to recruit you! Nurture you! Synergise you! Consume you! Welcome to Penderson Brothers' Office Supplies, a company ”





Dead Duck Productions


Set in the buildings of the evil multinational corporation Penderson Brothers Office Supplies, which hasn't provided supplies to offices since the 80s, Now Recruiting engages with the struggle of graduates seeking to get a first step on the employment ladder against seemingly impossible odds and questions the amount of power that large business have within society. Of course the odds are particularly stacked against these graduates at Penderson where the company requires animal sacrifice to remove budgetary deficits, employs some frankly insane lift attendants and has a legal department with surprisingly parasitic demands. Unlike most sketch shows, Present and Correct: Now Recruiting makes use of narrative structure to tie this show together as we follow the prospects of recent graduate Natalie's first venture in to the working world as well as the story Whiskers the Cat who is a puppet from a children's TV show who holds surprisingly ardent political views. Thus, whilst each of the sketches is still stand alone funny, the narrative of the show provides it with a drive and impetus that can be lacking from other sketch shows and allows for a development of characters which will have the audience laughing as well as keen to find out how it concludes. Can Penderson Brothers maintain it's aloof stance to HMRC? Will a cat puppet really be able to bring about political change? Is there any chance of graduates finding meaningful employment? All of these will be answered by Present and Correct: Now Recruiting.

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