Unnatural Selection

Fri 5th – Sat 27th Aug 2011


“What use is immortality if you can’t remember the day before?”





Wavelength Theatre Company


What use is immortality if you can’t remember the day before?

At the heart of this fantasy drama is a vampire couple on a mission to discover the truth about their transformation and to get revenge on the race that made them what they are.

But below the surface liebetrayals closer to home and the complication that their immortality comes at a price. Piecing together the story becomes an almost impossible task when every day begins with the puzzle of remembering the day before.

Ultimately, the play is about survival and examines how the unnatural can exist in a natural world. Are we really any different?

Praise for ‘For Your Entertainment’ (Edinburgh Fringe 2010, reviewed by Ed Cripps for Broadway Baby)

“taut, ambitious and layered work”

“the sort of twisted poetry one might find at a video exhibition at the Tate Modern”

“the acting mature, the direction superb”

This year, Wavelength Theatre Company returns with a dark tale to appeal to the masses. We have set ourselves the challenge of creating a definitive vision of the vampire legend and explored the philosophy of an immortal creature. The empty space is given form by the bold physicality of the performers and the minimal lighting creates a claustrophobic and terrifying atmosphere experienced by our two rebels on the run.

The company are graduates of ArtsEd London, a college famous for its unrivalled Theatre, Film and TV training, and are all keen to maintain the excellent reputation the school has for producing talented and dedicated actors. They are very much looking forward to this opportunity to experience Edinburgh for a second time and also to bring a different and experimental play to the mix.

Admission: £8.50(£6.50)

theSpaces @ Surgeons Hall

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