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Mon 15th – Sat 27th Aug 2011


“a deeply moving and thought-provoking musical”





Pandora's Production


Pandora’s Productions return to Edinburgh this year with a deeply moving and thought-provoking musical written and directed by Chloe Tingey.

Failing musicians Vincent and Cantata vow to make their daughter the most talented singer in the world.

Consequently, Melody is raised in a bubble fabricated by her parents. Here, speech does not exist – only song, and a musician accompanies every singer at all times. When Vincent streams Melody’s musical progress to an online blog, the project suddenly goes viral! Hidden cameras follow the oblivious cyber-star 24/7 and her songs become huge hits in the real world. The blog’s success fuels Vincent’s hunger for power. He even becomes known as ‘The Conductor’. He mercilessly manipulates events in Melody’s life to make her songs commercially viable. However, as the music industry becomes evermore demanding, the Trumanesque protagonist must perform as if her life depends on it! But soon Melody makes the chilling discovery that she is the only one who is improvising…

The Melody Blog strays far from musical tradition. Firstly, all the music is unscored. This enables the musicians to inject their own ideas into a structured framework. Secondly, the ‘orchestra’ is always onstage rather than down in the pit – they are part of the act.

Pandora’s Productions aim to challenge the values of the modern world, for which their work has a subtle but scary relevance. They use the arts to impact the hearts and minds of the audience.

Praise for Pandora’s Productions & The Last 5 Years 2010

‘They have what it takes’ Metro

‘Putting acts like this on is exciting. They really stand out from the crowd’ Rob Da Bank (Radio 1)

‘An excellent piece of musical theatre from very talented and charismatic performers’ Fringe Review ****

‘Exquisite’ Edinburgh Guide

Admission: £6(£5)

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