Blood Moon

Wed 17th – Sun 28th Aug 2011


“Revenge is a dish best served with manicotti and red wine”





Starfish Productions


On a stormy night in New York City, 19-year-old Manya finds herself in a swanky Manhattan apartment with her uncle and his best friend, the ever-sophisticated and dangerously charming

Alan. As the wine and conversation continues to flow, a night of secrets and seduction becomes a devastating loss of innocence for young Manya. One year later she invites these two men to her

apartment for an exquisite meal and the chance to reclaim her loss.

Revenge is a dish best served with manicotti and red wine.

This fast-paced, funny and shocking drama is about the humanity sacrificed in the desire for control. The masterfully crafted script, written by the son of American theatre giant Elia Kazan, is filled with wit, charm, and humour in equal parts with graphic horror.

At it’s core the play examines the difficult social impact of sexual assault on young women. It explores the powerlessness that so many assault victims feel in the after-math of sexual violence. In

the case of Manya, we follow this young woman’s attempt to regain that power, refusing to be just another victim and seek an act of revenge savagely suitable to the crime.

“…it is a play that will not easily be forgotten” – NY Times

This production moves at break-neck-speed taking you from out-loud laughter to shocked silence in an instant. Once you catch your breath you will be talking about this intelligent piece for weeks.

Starfish Productions is a young company from Canada headed by the stunning Shannon Stevens. This motivated bombshell with brains is a force to be reckoned with. Her company aims to bring

North America’s modern masterpieces to the international stage focusing on tight, raw storytelling. The highly dynamic members of the all-Canadian ensemble have performed in everything from

independent theatre to Off-Broadway and the prestigious Canadian Stratford Theatre Festival.

Admission: £7(£5.50)

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