Kitty Litter

Fri 5th – Sat 27th Aug 2011


“Shortlisted for the 35th International Student Playscript Competition”





When I Say Jump


Shortlisted for the 35th International Student Playscript Competition

In a suburban Bristol house: dreams, memories, fantasies and reality collide as Don’s mind becomes a myriad of possibilities. Kitty Litter is a wild and comical exploration of love, friendship, pain, imagination and youth.

It’s an average weekday and Don has kidnapped a man who sexually abused his friend. As his 4 friends begin to realise what he has done, his mind unravels to reveal a life lived through games and

films, heroes and villains and what could have been, should have been and what may be.

When I Say Jump theatre company are a group of talented theatre makers; just graduated from the Contemporary Theatre course at East 15 Acting School, home to last year’s award-winning new

theatre company Bear Trap with their sell-out success Bound.

As a group of actors, musicians, poets, directors and devisers, Jac Husebo, Sarah Hamilton Baker and Robyn Keynes came together to create epic theatre through everyday objects and forge ambitious

original work that is full of heart and soul.

When I Say Jump explore the pain of growing up and how far you will go to protect the ones you love.

Admission: £6 – £8(£6)

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