Principal Parts

Wed 3rd – Tue 30th Aug 2011


“Principal Parts is not simply great, but an important piece of original drama ***** New Current Magazine July 2011”





Strip Theatre


Sarajevo, 1914. A group of students plan to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This event triggers the bloodiest century the world has ever seen. How is it that a group of inept students provided the catalyst for two world wars and the bloodiest century the world has ever seen? Principal Parts aims to answer this. Exploring the hitherto untold story of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the play is a fast paced and comic look at one of the most ridiculous episodes of the 20th century history. The world is familiar with the name Gavrilo Princip and the infamous Black Hand Gang, but not with the sheer imbecility of their plan; the bungled, but ultimately successful, attempt on the Archduke’s life.

Combining, Sandwiches, Mothers, Music and Molotov Cocktails, Henry David’s third play provides a uniquely comic take on one of the darkest points in Serbian History. Professor Mehmedbašić (Basic), pardoned for his involvement with Black Hand, reluctantly remembers his role in the assassination attempt: ‘This is absolutely not what happened…some facts yes, but absolutely no truth at all.’ The audience are introduced to a cast of characters desperate to make their mark on history, fight for Serbian independence whilst blissfully unaware of their own stupidity and the devastating impact their actions will have.

Beth Hipwell, Strip Theatre’s director of music, leads a ‘Band of Soldiers’ in an original score inspired by the rich history of Serbian folk music. Combining light hearted melodies as well as mood music, it compliments both the comic and more serious elements of the play.‘The frenzy and pathos that it at times conjured, reinforced the brilliance of the show’ New Current

Principal Parts is brought to you by Strip Theatre. Strip is a company that formed in 2009, and has since produced two successful new plays: ‘Self Portrait’, which won Manchester’s Annual Student’s Choice Award; and A ‘Perfect Corpse’, which, with support from both The Sunday Times and Ideastap, won the Arden Entertainment Award, and was identified by The Stage as a ‘Must See’ of Edinburgh Festival 2010 ‘ingenious…a meticulous production. It cannot be missed’.

Admission: £7.50(£6.50) – £9.50(£8.50)

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