Found Objects Present Live Low Budget Comedy Adventures - Free

Thu 4th – Sun 28th Aug 2011


“Found Objects perform grand genre based spoofs made out of cardboard, tape and whimsy”





Found Objects / Laughing Horse Free Festival


Six epic comedy adventures including a time travelling caveman, zombie sex, musical pirates, Gods vs. superheroes, dumb detectives and a Quantum Leap from Sam Beckett! With two different adventures per show you are getting a lot of low budget comedy for your buck! Particularly as it's free!

Found Objects are three silly men - Ben (Tim Dawkins), Dom (Ryan Harding) and Abi (Rowan Bangs) who find objects that lead to exciting (but very low budget) adventures. Armed with a suitcase full of props and costume, Found Objects perform grand genre based spoofs made out of cardboard, tape and whimsy.

They have honed their narrative comedy skills in London by writing a brand new adventure every month for a year, for their residency at the Albany and now for their first year at the festival they have chosen six of their best to wow Edinburgh audiences.

On Mondays and Thursdays laugh as the boys start a detective agency in Three Dicks and a Little Lady and gasp as they discover their latent powers in Gods Vs Heroes.

On Tuesdays and Fridays chortle at the impossibilities of time travel in Timewarped and feel slightly sick at Zombie sex in Necromancer.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays guffaw at a piratey adventure in The Arrrgonauts and giggle as Sam Beckett leaps into Edinburgh to put right what might go wrong in Quantum Cheap.

And on Sundays? It’ll be a lucky dip. Come back thrice to see them all!

They have been described as the ‘modern day Goodies’ by Sajeela Kershi and ‘Marvelous’ by Time Out London.

Admission: Free

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