Wives of War

Mon 22nd – Sat 27th Aug 2011


“a marriage of old and new: verse and modern prose, traditional Greek theatre and physical theatre”





NutsandBolts Theatre Co.


‘Wives of War’ is a brutal and beautiful exploration of marriages torn apart by war.

Penelope’s palace becomes an ancient Greek, testosterone-fuelled orgy, the service quarters in 50s Leeming are a prison for the whole family to enjoy - well, almost the whole family – and the streets of Germany are transformed into Gulf War funeral parlours.

Odysseus’ long-suffering queen, Penelope, is the lynchpin in this diverse and compelling piece of new writing. It truly is a marriage of old and new: verse and modern prose, traditional Greek theatre and physical theatre, and the renowned version of the myth mixed with poignant comparisons to contemporary marriages. The script incorporates inspiration from original interviews conducted with service wives, and from authentic historical documentation including letters and transcripts. However, the exploration is not intended to focus on the specific historical conflicts mentioned, but rather to delve into the universal figure of the war wife in all cultures and from all periods of history; though the challenges have changed through the ages, their unique situation is a fascinating one.

Kat Smith and nutsandbolts theatre are celebrating and acknowledging the often over-looked and unsung heroines of war: the wives. This exquisite piece of new writing pays tribute to the display of superhuman strength, anguish, repression and jubilation that often goes unnoticed in the plight of the war wife, and Kat Smith unleashes these emotions on the audience at full force.

nutsandbolts theatre is as minty fresh and brand spanking new as it gets. In fact, the first time the ensemble will perform in front of a paying audience will be on the first night of the run: 22nd August.

They have little money, no marketing experience, no business cards, no special effects, no previous reviews, no famous collaborators, and yet, they have everything you need: 50 minutes of shockingly good new theatre.

Admission: £6 – £8(£6)

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