M House

Wed 24th – Fri 26th Aug 2011


“Verbatim production M House delivers candid, powerful accounts of domestic violence”





Coliseum Arts Centre


“A play, which shakes our imagination…full of attitude, purposefully provocative.”

(15 Minute, Republic of Moldova)

“If dad hits us, it means he loves us”. Verbatim production M House delivers candid, powerful accounts of domestic violence. Amidst a pedaling bicycle and huge glass jars, four performers from the Republic of Moldova voice the victims’ stories, constructed from women’s testimonials and children’s letters to their mothers incarcerated for retaliating.

A UK premiere, M House has journeyed from Chisinau, through Romania and Russia. The production is part of a series of documentary plays, conceived by Coliesum Arts Centre in 2001 with the first ever verbatim piece staged in the Republic of Moldova, The 7th Kafana. The company’s aim is to respond to “the reality we live in today, with its grave and acute complexities” (Mihai Fusu, director).

M House has received the Gender Equality Prize from the Political Club of Women 50/50 in December 2010 and has generated discussions, conferences and televised debates with support from NGOs campaigning against domestic violence and human rights organisations. In Edinburgh, The Romanian Cultural Institute is collaborating with Scottish Women’s Aid to help raise further awareness. Together they are organising an open forum with the cast and creative team of M House, to be hosted by the charity. Dates and times to be announced.

M House will be presented at the Fringe for three performances, in Romanian with English surtitles. Written by LUMINITA TICU, with SNEJANA PUICA, MIHAELA STRAMBEANU, INA SURDU and IRINA VACARCIUC. The cast members have recently awarded the top prize for interpretation at the Romanian Playwriting Festival in Timisoara.

Admission: £7(£5)

Sweet Grassmarket, Apex City Hotel

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