Mon 22nd – Sat 27th Aug 2011


“Tina hears an inner voice and decides to risk family break up and all that is safe in her world”





Metafizz Theatre Co.


Jean Donald plays Tina, and many other colourful characters, in “Voices”, a thought-provoking new play about a middle-aged woman’s search for fulfillment. The unusual twist? Tina hears an inner voice and decides to risk family break up and all that is safe in her world in order to follow the pathway she’s shown.

The play, written by Angela Howard with input from Jean, is about trust, guidance and empowerment; about the unexplained experiences many people have in life but are afraid to share; about the ‘sixth sense’, and synchronicity.

METAFIZZ! is a theatre company founded by Angela Howard and Jean Donald, based in Essex .

Angela said, “We wanted to put on plays that meant something - not just entertainment although hopefully that too! - on any subject that was metaphysical – i.e. not concerning the physical part of our human condition; plays that would make people think, as well as giving them an enjoyable evening. We wanted to do this in a wholly professional manner as we both have experience in the theatre. The fact that we have both had psychic experiences was also a factor!”

Following “Voices”, Jean and Angela invite the audience to discuss what they’ve seen and share their own insights and experiences.

Jean said, “These sessions are always fascinating, as people relate their personal stories about life after death, spirits, mediums and psychics, intuition, in fact, almost anything! Often someone will open with: ‘I’ve never told anyone this before but…’ Others may only come along to listen and perhaps learn something new.”

This is a play which may just open a door in your life!

Admission: £6(£4)

Quaker Meeting House

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