Pool (No Water)

Sun 21st – Mon 29th Aug 2011


“we confront expectations and urge the audience to become more active viewers.”





Bell Jar Productions


Pool (No Water) is a visceral, collaborative and physical performance, a raw and evocative piece of theatre that delves into the darkest inclinations of human nature. A terrible injury leaves a successful artist crippled and unconscious. Her three friends turn her tragic fate into a lucrative piece of art, but will it whisk them into a world of fame and success, or drag them down into the depths of human depravity?

Drawing inspiration from DV8 and Frantic Assembly we confront expectations and urge the audience to become more active viewers. Exploring the uncomfortable notion of Schadenfreude, (taking pleasure in another’s misfortunes) Pool (No water) delves into the perverse yet undeniable malice present in our personalities when we are faced with an opportunity that could change our lives. The piece challenges the audience, provides visual spectacle and pushes imaginative boundaries.

Pool (No Water) will be performed by Bell Jar Productions, a fledgling company founded by students of the University of Reading. Artistic director Emma Chapman is studying Film and Theatre and is a member of the National Youth Theatre. Though Emma is experienced in performing at the Fringe Festival, this is her first role as director of her own company. Pool (No Water) premiered at the University in November 2010 and was a great success. It will now make its debut at the Festival this summer.

Bell Jar Productions’ website may be visited at: www.wix.com/belljarproductions/belljarproductions

Admission: £7(£5)

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