Thu 4th – Mon 29th Aug 2011


“You would be ape-hallingly silly not to come and see us”





Monkeys with Puns


Monkeys With Puns present a violently varied and hilarious cocktail of interactive improvisation games and vibrantly witty sketches.

When deciding on a name for their Exeter-based comedy group, many names were considered, for instance: “Ferrets With Fair Wits”, “Dolphins With LOL Things” and “Hamsters With Cutting Political Satire and Sociological Pastiche." Eventually, the three writers became so wildly indecisive that they resorted, (as many people bordering on insane do), to astrology. And so, Monkeys With Puns was divined, as Jupiter was rising into Leo’s bum crack... or something.

The name for the Edinburgh show came much easier - you try and think of another way to combine a simian related pun with the word “improvisation”! Chimprovisations! is an outstandingly mottled concoction of fast paced, edge-of-your-seat improvised comedy with slick sketches and painfully catchy parody songs.

The show was voted one of the top ten things to see in Exeter by student newspaper Exeposé – although, we personally don’t remember there being a vote. We were actually quite annoyed at this result because we think it ruins our “counter-mainstream vibe”. Legal action is pending.

Chimprovisations! will comprise rotating sketch sets, a variety of improv games, as well as special guest stand-up comics. You would be ape-hallingly silly not to come and see us – see what I did there? That’s comedy. Where’s my Channel 4 sitcom? Dylan Moran has NOTHING on this gold.

Admission: £5(£5.50) – £6.50(£5.50)

Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall

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