What It Feels Like

Thu 4th – Sun 21st Aug 2011


“A devastating accident rips through Nick’s world, dragging him into a coma and presenting the ultimate question”





Encompass Productions


A devastating accident rips through Nick’s world, dragging him into a coma and presenting the ultimate question: what happens to the mind and consciousness at the point of death?

Previewing at the New Wimbledon Theatre Studio in London and premiering at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011, Encompass Productions presents What It Feels Like - an experimental drama taking place within the world of a coma. 
A bittersweet story hurled through extraordinary circumstances, this new play is inspired by the study of comas, dreams and biomedical debate. Featuring an original score and told through several performance disciplines, this is a production that demands to be seen.

Nick and Sarah are married, but not happily. The story of their relationship is ending. This is their final chapter. The world of the coma has only two ways out - Nick must confront his memories and mistakes before his decision. But with the guidance of the two mismatched agents Lester and Simpson, this journey will be anything but smooth sailing. Combining the world of comas and dreams with multimedia, physical theatre and black comedy, this exciting multidisciplinary drama takes audiences into the surreal and unfamiliar, becoming a frank and brutal tour of human nature at its best and worst. Dare you see what it feels like?

Encompass Productions are an innovative, new production company that create bold, experimental artistic projects. They organise monthly Residency events to showcase local music and comedy talent, as well as hold improvised comedy shows with their own sharp-witted performers Shoot From The Hip. The company also hosted a public Q&A session with renowned actor David Thewlis (Harry Potter/The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas) earlier this year. As part of their outreach work Encompass have developed and taught an entire theatre curriculum as part of a scheme with organisation Clever Endeavours. They have also run workshops for people of all ages.

Company Website: www.EncompassProductions.co.uk

Show Website (with images & video): www.howareyoufeeling.co.uk

Admission: £7.50(£6.50) – £9.50(£8.50)

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