Chasing Dragons

Wed 3rd – Mon 29th Aug 2011


“You can’t try to live in a world of goblins and witches and dragons...”





New Theatre


Chasing Dragons is a brand new play by Adam H. Wells. It is being produced and presented by Nottingham University’s award winning New Theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe 2011.

Chasing Dragons follows Edward Maris, a successful fantasy fi ction novelist. He lives alone in his enormous house. He has stopped writing... To the growing dismay of his psychiatrist, Edward has begun to retreat not only from the world outside his house, but from the world itself.

Jane, Edward’s sister, is a missionary. She has devoted her life to bringing comfort and protection to those who need it, but when she sweeps back into her brother’s life, long buried grievances are exhumed. He needs neither comfort nor protection. Jane just can’t understand why Edward would want ‘these hallucinations.’ The world of his novels is becoming increasingly real. His characters are taking on lives of their own. Edward must choose between fantasy and family before it’s too late.

Making use of large-scale puppetry, song, and drawing on the wealth and breadth of fantasy fiction, this show is at once charming, witty and thoughtful... It explores the nature of heroism and the importance of faith. It is a tale of misguided morality, of courage and reconciliation.

Admission: £7.50(£6.50) – £9.50(£8.50)

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