Wed 3rd – Mon 29th Aug 2011


“a world of lies and storytelling as they spin myths and legends into reality.”





Unwish Theatre


Sometimes it’s very hard to tell the truth and just let go. Follow this family into a world of lies and storytelling as they spin myths and legends into reality. The stories they have told over the years to keep smiles on their faces. Yet there is a darker reality behind all this of a daughter trapped and a man obsessed with his only passion and love, that of rain.

Unwish Theatre return from a triumphant sell out run at Edinburgh Fringe 2010 with their new intimate and interactive show, RAIN.

Step into the world of a father and his daughter. Locked away in room for nearly 20 years the daughter has lived, trapped, helping her father collecting rain and tell stories. Father on the other hand heads out into the world collecting rain of all types for his extensive collection. Nobody in this family has ever told the truth, instead spinning myths and legends into reality to keep the truth from ever being found out. Here the truth is simply taken away and bottled up forever. However for the first time father is opening this room, allowing a select number of people to come and view his collection. Perhaps they will try to sell you a warm July rain or conjure up for you dreams of the first ever rainfall. Yet you will come to see that these are all lies, locked up in a family secret and an event too terrible to speak about.

Following on from the company’s dining experience Carnivale (unique and brilliant - Three Weeks), Rain is an interactive show following a father and daughters relationship. The show itself is performed in a courtyard hidden amongst the theatrical spaces at C main and the space creates an intimate atmosphere for the audience. With only 20 audience members per show they are touching distance from the characters at all times. Playing heavily on interactivity in a beautiful found space, Rain is storytelling at its most intimate.

UnWish Theatre is the creative partnership of writer/director Tom Vickers, winner of the 2009 ACT Theatre Playwriting Competition and writer of sell out Edinburgh show ‘Carnivale’ and producer/director Jonathon Carr who produced for ZigZag Creations production of Doctor Faustus (4* The Scotsman) and directed Carnivale as well as NSDF 2011 selected show LINE. The show stars Francesca Murray Fuentes who starred in Belt ups Antigone, Quasimodo and Metamorphosis (5* Broadway baby, 4* Edinburgh guide, 3* Guardian) www.unwish.co.uk

Admission: £8.50(£7.50) – £10.50(£9.50)

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