The Observatory

Thu 4th – Sun 28th Aug 2011


“a poetic, powerful piece of new writing which examines the role of the individual in modern warfare.”





Snuff Box Theatre Company


One half of the cast from Fringe First-winning show Bound return with a poetic, powerful piece of new writing which examines the role of the individual in modern warfare. Set against the backdrop of an undisclosed desert war zone, a soldier, Finch, kills a man at a checkpoint. As the cast sing traditional military songs, two military police officers are tasked with investigating the incident. As their own corruption leads them astray, Finch wavers between spectres of the past and his very real, very fragile future.

Using a blend of poetic dialogue and gallows humor, Daniel Foxsmith interrogates the morality of conflict and the corruption of justice through a military frame. The play stemmed from a desire to explore two events: the Siege of Sangin, in the Helmand province of Afghanistan, and a separate incident, the conspiracy to cover up torture and murder carried out by British soldiers in Iraq. Snuff Box Theatre Company, and this piece, were realised for the DEBUT festival mentored by China Plate at East 15 Acting School. Royal Court playwright April de Angelis mentored Daniel Foxsmith as part of the festival, which is synonymous with producing bold, innovative new work year after year.

Within the Snuff Box, there are multi-skilled performers who have collaborated with the likes of: Steve Marmion, Jonathan Holloway (Red Shift Theatre Company), Carl Heap (Medieval Players), Peader Kirk (MKUltra), Nick Phillippou and Sean McCann (Showstoppers). Three of the cast are fresh from a national tour of critically acclaimed show Bound. They also headlined the Adelaide Fringe festival in Australia, as winners of the Holden Street Theatres award.

The Observatory will be making its professional debut at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe festival, having won the Scottish Daily Mail Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Admission: £6(£7.50) – £10(£9)

Underbelly, Cowgate

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