Banter into Bed

Mon 8th – Thu 18th Aug 2011


“Banter into Bed attempts to comment on the meat market that is the student scene through the use of sarcasm and stupidity.”





Z Theatre Company


A bitter student is under tremendous pressure to enter the dating world but is restricted by their complete lack of tact and utter scepticism towards the social scene. When it seems that there is nothing left to try, in comes a so-called pick up artist whose arrogance disguises a pitiful lack of charm but will it make a difference? Banter into Bed attempts to comment on the meat market that is the student scene through the use of sarcasm and stupidity.

To give you a little bit of more detailed information, the plot is centred around Catherine who is a socially awkward university student whose Mother is pressuring to move out after she graduates. Due to her Mother's old fashioned viewpoint, Catherine is forced to try various different methods of dating in order to find a man to move in with. Through this process, she is targeted by Jack who is searching to find a girl that he can use as a success story for his pulling technique 'Banter into Bed'. However, his 'technique' is far from effective and leaves Catherine to remain single.

The play itself is a piece of new writing that I produced when being offered the opportunity by Z Theatre Company. The company has been running for 31 years and gives first year students at Hull University the chance to take up various pieces of new theatre to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In order to do so, we are managed by 2 second year students who organise the entire experience. This year we had to raise £42,000 between us to get here whilst also creating 6 new pieces. These are Banter into Bed, State of Mind, Educate, Definitely not Everyman, Playing Cards and Cigarettes and The Moon Under the Water.

The cast list is as follows:

Robert Dennett – Writer and Director

Daniel Mellor - Jack/Tom

Melissa Armstrong - Mum

Amanda Dawson - Band member/Mum's friend/Derek

Rachel Kirkham - Catherine

Kirstie Silson - Lorna

Chantelle Draper - Martin - Band member/Mum's friend

Rebecca Bolton - Dad/Richard/Waitress

Suzanna De Beer - Bar tender

Rebecca Howarth - Lauren/Band member

Sadie Eggleton - Band member/Mum's friend/waitress

Admission: £5(£3)

theSpace on Niddry St

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