Be My Baby

Fri 5th – Sat 13th Aug 2011


“is a vibrant production company taking a renewed approach to theatre.”





Domina Productions


Fresh from an incredible debut sell-out run at this year’s On the Rocks Festival, Domina Productions is proud to present Amanda Whittington’s tragicomedy Be My Baby to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Domina Productions is a vibrant production company taking a renewed approach to theatre. Student led and founded, the company this year has focused on tackling the problem of limited roles for females in student theatre with spectacular results.

First produced in 1998, Be My Baby tells the story of four young mothers-to-be in a staunchly religious mother-and-baby home set in the North of England in 1964.The play explores the relationship that seven-month pregnant Mary forms with the other four pregnant girls in the home under the watchful eye of the resident Matron. During the play, the girls are forced to come to terms with giving up their babies for adoption, and attempt to understand what roles are left for them to play in society as well as life.

Music is an important aspect of the play with its title deriving from the 1963 Ronettes hit of the same name. The fabulous music of the 1960s heard throughout the play is the only link the girls have with “swinging sixties” culture and indeed their youth.

Domina Productions is unique in its approach to theatre. Each production undertaken is put through an intensive workshop with every member of the workshop team having a say in the creative and technical aspects of the production. Adopting this approach creates a platform for discussion and the diverse standpoints of the team enrich the overall creative success of the play. This workshop format, which also feeds heavily into the structure of rehearsal, provides an environment in which women can learn and grow in confidence.

The collective approach undertaken with Be My Baby has produced stellar results. Vivacity, humour and melancholy are expertly executed in equal measure by the talented cast who will have audiences both crying with laughter one minute and emotion the next. Despite the adversities faced by the girls, their energetic and lovable personalities win through in the end.

A tale of discovery and survival, follow Mary, Queenie, Norma and Dolores as they journey through love, loss and new friendships and escape with them into the world of the 60s girl group they so adore.

In the song, The Ronettes sang “We’ll make’ em turn their heads every place we go”. This production truly lives up to its namesake.

Admission: £6(£8)

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