We Draupadis & Sitas

Wed 3rd – Tue 16th Aug 2011


“A 5000 year old Indian epic of struggle and suppression”





Kali Theatre


A 5000 year old Indian epic of struggle and suppression exploring the mistreatment of a woman in the name of justice. The story of Draupadi and Sita is one of the oldest tales of the fight between Aryan and non-Aryan prominence in India. Draupadi, daughter to a King, marries the great archer Arjun. But his shrewd mother, Kunti, forces her to marry his four brothers to provoke a fit of jealousy and break the bond between them. A callous bet in a dice game loses Draupadi to arival King and causes her to bed ragged half naked in front of the court to receive justice. We Draupadi’s and Sitas is a reinterpretation of this myth through the eyes of its female protagonists. It is heretic in nature, questioning the age old stereotyped role of women in society. More interestingly, it is enacted by women who raise these issues in their current social context. It seamlessly integrates the archaic rules of women

being defined as either a Draupadi or a Sita with the counter intuitive introspection of today's India forcing the audience to introspect. While the play is rooted in Indian context, the matically it transports its audience to a sublime level of global relevance.

The dramatization in this play mixes creatively the intellectual content with the live rendition of Rabindranath Tagoreʼs (Nobel Laureate) songs. The use of musical instruments, costumes and colour only accentuates the Indian-ness that Kali Theatre associates with pride without losing sight of its perspective.

Kali theatre was founded by Shomshuklla in Mumbai 2006. idea for her first play took root whilst walking on the treadmill. We Draupadi’s and Sitas is her 5th play. Their mission is to present productions with psychoanalysis and to delve deep into the emotional layers of life, questioning, the life and living and being argumentative. Its main aim is to connect on an intimate level with their audience.

Admission: £7.50(£6.50) – £9.50(£8.50)

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