End of the Line

Fri 5th – Sat 13th Aug 2011


“This UK premiere is one not to be missed as the Dublin dole queue is given a voice.”





Gaiety Performance Theatre Company


An Irish Dole Queue comes to the Edinburgh Fringe

433,000 people in Ireland are unemployed and queue for the dole every week. How many of those have you stopped to ask what their story is and how they got there.

12 talented Irish actors, The Gaiety Performance Theatre Company, bring their self devised piece “End of the Line” to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. A clever script based on real life situations is filled with comedic, emotional and aggressive performances. This UK premiere is one not to be missed as the Dublin dole queue is given a voice.

Set on a dreary morning in modern-day Ireland those in the queue wait with hope, fear and disappointment, yet all in good humour. A realisation that nobody is immune from joining the end of the line is revealed.

John is a middle class business man struggling to hide his redundancy from his wife. Marie is a working class street trader whose livelihood and life has disappeared and Dmitry is a Russian desperately seeking his next business venture.

These are just a few of the dynamic characters you meet; they are all there for the same reason, money.

“End of the Line” is a widely entertaining dark comedy marred with heart-wrenching emotional drama. This thought provoking piece truly reflects contemporary Irish society in the depths and despair of recession.

'The End of the Line' could not be more relevant theatre for reflecting Ireland’s now critical political and economic state. It shows us that people from diverse backgrounds and all walks of society can end up in a social welfare queue.”. “Amanda Brunker, Journalist, Playwright & Author

“It perfectly captures the zeitgeist of today's Ireland during the financial crisis, with monologues from its 13 characters including a pimp, a prostitute and a middle-aged man who has lost his job during the meltdown. We've always supported burgeoning Irish talent, and the group of playwrights behind 'The End of The Line' are sure to have a bright future ahead of them” Shelley Marsden, Arts Editor, Irish World.

You will not want to be at the end of the line for this show “End of the Line” will be performed at Greenside. Preview August 5th to 7th, festival dates August 8th to 13. All shows 8pm sharp.

Admission: £7(£5) – £8(£6)


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