Thu 4th – Sun 28th Aug 2011


“A show for all the family, Wrens is a heart-warming tale”





Tiny Teapot Theatre


Tiny Teapot Theatre are delighted to present Wrens - a drama exploring the camaraderie and loyalty of 7 women working in the Navy at the end of World War Two. Written by Annie McGravie it cleverly explores the women’s confusing mix of emotions when faced with losing their recently found independence in the war.

The production mixes the emotive drama with live music; traditional wartime tracks sung on-stage by members of the cast creating a music hall atmosphere. A show for all the family, Wrens is a heart-warming tale, providing an education on the role of the women in World War Two for both children and adults, whilst appealing to the memories of an older generation.

The compelling drama combined with the concert hall atmosphere will transport the audience back to the world of wartime Britain and showcase the private lives and bravery of these unsung heroes.

About Tiny Teapot Theatre

Tiny Teapot Theatre was founded in 2009 by Jennie Eggleton and Phoebe Sparrow whilst studying at the University of Leeds. In 2010 the pair decided to embark upon a journey to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011. Interestingly their main challenge was neither artistic, nor organisational but regarding their own geographical location, with Jennie based in Leeds and Phoebe living in Arizona. The discovery of McGravie’s ‘Wrens’ seemed almost fateful; McGravie is an Edinburgh born playwright who relocated to North America where she found success as a playwright. It seemed only fitting that her transatlantic work was now to be performed by a theatre company which has echoed her own journey.

The play is close to this all-female company’s heart as not only does it promote the comradeship of women, and their strength in times of strife, but certain members of the company have grandmothers who were in the Wrens and served in WWII. It is a powerful tale of family history and national pride.

Tiny Teapot Theatre’s journey has ultimately become an entirely international affair. Intent on using actors who had previously worked within the company or in close contact with the company members, it splintered the cast across the globe as many of the actors were studying abroad. From Stockholm to France, across to Canada and down to Arizona the cast members have all arrived safely back in Leeds ready to take on the 2011 Fringe Festival!

Admission: £9(£7)

Sweet Grassmarket, Apex City Hotel

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