Child of Mine - FREE

Sat 13th – Fri 19th Aug 2011


“we aim to achieve stunning visuals in every aspect of the production alongside a provocative dialogue”





Perse Players


Embargoed for: 6.00 p.m. 13th- 19th of August

Edinburgh’s newest resident Theatre Company

We are one of Edinburgh’s newest, resident theatre companies, formed at the beginning of 2011 by John Young and Charles Tyrer. As a company, we aim to achieve stunning visuals in every aspect of the production alongside a provocative dialogue that demands reflection on the discourse in which we live. The company consists of a variation of arts students and we aim to act as a platform for each member to flourish in their respective field. The piece we are taking to the PBH FREE FRINGE ‘Child of Mine’ was written, designed and produced by members of the company. Our dedication for perfection within so many areas has made this project most challenging, yet exceptionally rewarding.

This is the company’s first ever production, set in the heart of Edinburgh in an empty shop unit in Princes Street Mall, we are at the heart of the Fringe. Having such a small budget and a varied group of creative people will show true resourcefulness and creativity, ‘Child of Mine’ will be a true Fringe production. Perpetual Minds is a student theatre company comprised of BA/BA (Hons) Drama and Performance students at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, however we also have a costume student from Edinburgh College of Art who is designing costumes for us as well as creating an animation. We also have a fine art student from Northumbria University (the company designer) both students will be exhibiting their work after the performance. The works being exhibited complement the performance whilst holding a professional quality and craftsmanship to stand as significant art pieces themselves.

With such change in the Middle East with the Arab Spring uprisings, and scandal in the west with the phone hacking and its affiliation with the News International, people are beginning to question the hierarchy of the structures that surround us. Governments, media organisations and the police are all under question by the masses. In a world where the limitless growth of the financial markets has fallen through, we explore and reassess the fundamental human emotion of love and question what is essential.

The universality of mistakes, misfortune and attraction ensure the audience connects with ‘Child of Mine.’ Our short piece is a vivid and brutal exploration of action and consequence, our actions affect not only us, but the ones we supposedly love the most, our children. Our piece is an observation on how we control our bizarre perpetual existence. As this is our first ever production we would appreciate your review and feedback.

Admission: Free

Princes Mall

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