An Audience with Shurl

Mon 22nd – Sat 27th Aug 2011


“Shurl weaves an intimate musical story around autobiographical moments.”





Shurl Productions


Don’t miss it! Be one of the lucky few to grab this once-in-a-lifetime chance of an audience with Shurl. Not the magnificent Shirley Bassey herself, and don’t expect Shirley Valentine. You won’t find a precocious Shirley Temple, nor even a feisty Shirley Carter. No, this is our Shurl, our girl from the valleys who’s making it big….at last.

Ever wondered what it must be like to be one of the greatest divas in the world? And to get there from nowhere? Fom less than nowhere? From worse than that…….from the Welsh valleys? To be born in such deprivation that the climb out looks like the north face of the Eiger? But then to find you’ve made it onto the greatest stages of the world…topping the bill in Las Vegas? To dream the impossible dream? And then to find yourself living it? In a sequined dress spray-painted on to a supermodel body? (Too many questions, but they have to be asked!)

Well, so has Shurl. She’s wondered. She’s spent a lifetime wondering. And wandering.

And she’s here to share her story with you, in an exclusive audience in her dressing room before the greatest moment in her career.

Hear the story of her mystical encounters with the magnificent Dame Shirley Bassey, and how she quite literally saved our Shurl in her darkest moments.

Or did she?

Memories are wonderfully inventive things, and Shurl raids hers (or does she?) as she takes you through story-telling and song in a captivating autobiographical tale (or is it?) of a woman finding her own voice.

Shurl weaves an intimate musical story around autobiographical moments. But where reality ends and fantasy begins is something she’s not even sure of herself at times. Shurl’s story-telling holds the audience spellbound, and with the sublime musical soundscape from the Zugswang Duo, what more could you want in a show!

Admission: £6(£4.50)

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