Wed 3rd – Mon 29th Aug 2011


“The unique nature of SOLD as a theatrical event lies in its ability to keep up to date with the almost daily changes in government legislat”







“A living, breathing experiment in theatricality”

SOLD is a politically urgent dynamic piece of verbatim theatre focusing on the global issue of

modern day slavery.

The unique nature of SOLD as a theatrical event lies in its ability to keep up to date with the almost daily

changes in government legislation and funding. The Human Trafficking Foundation is working closely

with the company to facilitate interviews and information to give it a currency impossible to achieve in

recorded media.

Complicite Associate Catherine Alexander, winner of the Young Vic / Jerwood Award in 2006, is Artistic

Director of Quiconque and aims to “work with exceptional young performers, designers and technicians

who are at the beginning of their careers: giving them the opportunity to work collaboratively with

experienced practitioners.” This year the cast and crew of SOLD are being mentored by award winning

Complicite designers in an innovative process supported by the Central School of Speech and Drama.

The filmic scenes, researched and written by the actors, are integrated within a stunning multimedia and

lighting design, supported by an original sound-score.

“Theatre productions such as these perform an invaluable role in making the public aware

of the realities of human trafficking. Absence of pressure from the public for government to

tackle traffickers and support victims means there is no political mileage in stamping it out.

There are no votes in it. SOLD is as riveting as it is insightful, shining a light on the

murky and insidious world of human trafficking.”

Anthony Steen, the Human Trafficking Foundation

SOLD’s biggest success is that it not only highlights the realities of the sex industry as seen in many

recent dramatisations but also exposes the hidden worlds of domestic slavery, forced labour and child


SOLD follows in the footsteps of Quiconque’s highly acclaimed 5 Star show The Boy From Centreville

(Pleasance 08) “a masterpiece of social and psychological exploration...” guardian.co.uk

“The physicality - and video imagery - is superb. What’s even more impressive is the way first hand

testimony is woven into an exploration that lets no one off the hook...” Dominic Cavendish, Daily Telegraph

Website: www.soldplay.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/soldplay

Twitter: www.twitter.com/soldplayedfest

Admission: £8(£7) – £9(£8)

Pleasance Courtyard

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