Application for Life

Mon 22nd – Sat 27th Aug 2011


“Application for life is a satirical look at life as we know it, in a Heaven where creatures can update their Hornbook via their God Pads”





PixieMoo Productions


Dear Human,

Thank you for your recent Application for LIFE. However we can see from your GLR (General LIFE Record) that you sometimes choose to live a ‘green’ existence, i.e. caring with a tendency to recycle.

Though we do have room on the ARC 2012, for ‘green thinkers’ their role will be simply to provide us better Creatures/Humans with the things we want, without needing to care about silly little things like farming.

We would like to reiterate our mission statement ‘No peace! My piece needs to be bigger than yours’. If you are only half serious about avoiding the horrendous fate earth has in store then let us remind you the severity of the situation; NO money from 2012.

Need we say more? No, thought not. Come along (22-27th August, the space@ Jury’s 17.10) and learn how this ARC genius came about and how we are going to save worthy members of the Human Race;

Details of Application for Life (PixieMoo Productions)

Here are some questions to think about before you come to Application for Life;

Would you kill your friend for money/power/her designer shoes?

Would you sell us your grandma?

Media contact: Mazie Rhodes, pixiemooproductions@hotmail.com for more information and photo requests

Application for life is a satirical look at life as we know it, in a Heaven where creatures can update their Hornbook via their God Pads, where Pop Messiah's have the power, where everyone wants to work in death and where love can't buy you happiness but money can! PixieMoo Productions witty story telling is just like a cup of Heavens StarDollars coffee, the politics are dark but the packaging is frothy!

Please burn this after reading. If we find out you’ve leaked this information to some hairy activist we will drop your name into the department that deals with Death by Celery. Trust us. It’s no way to go.

Human Remains

Death Dept

L.I.F.E. Building



Venue: the space@ Jury’s (V260)

Dates: 22-27th August

Time: 5.10pm (ends 5.55pm)

Tickets: £7 (£6)

Venue Box office: 08455088387

Online: boxoffice.venue45@thespaceuk.com

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011

Remember PEACE OUT.

Rich Regards,

Your very own insurrectionist Heavenly Creatures,

Klavia and Atelia


Admission: £7(£6)

theSpace @ Jury's Inn

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