Thirty Two Teeth

Wed 3rd – Mon 29th Aug 2011


“What happens when you believe the unbelievable? And if you don’t, how do you explain the impossible?”





Jam Jar Productions


What happens when you believe the unbelievable?

And if you don’t, how do you explain the impossible?

The Play

Thirty Two Teeth follows the tangled friendship of three teenagers, Samuel, Will and Tansy, as they concoct an impossible, supernatural plan to save the life of a four month premature baby, Samuel’s younger brother.

A psychological thriller set in a single room during the night their plan comes to fruition, Thirty Two Teeth depicts the extent to which we are driven to conceal our insecurities, tests the limits of plausibility and asks what you would do if you were confronted with the unbelievable. It captures the impossible imagination we left behind when we grew up and forces this magic to rest alongside the logic we acquire as young adults. At its core the show asks how much we believe in times of desperation.

The Style

Thirty Two Teeth blends the realistic with the unimaginable in terms of theme, dialogue and aesthetics. The show employs physical theatre to demonstrate the supernatural element of the play, visually fusing the realistic with the fantastical.

The Company

Jam Jar Productions was formed in 2010 after the success of Following Wendy, written and directed by Penny Gunter, at the University of Bristol. In Edinburgh that summer the show received eight four-star reviews and was nominated for ‘Best Newcomer’ by the Edinburgh Spotlight. Thirty Two Teeth is the next step in the development of a promising new writer: Penny Gunter is one of ten writers selected by the BBC to work with theatres throughout the country as part of their ‘Writersroom 10’ competition. She will begin a year-long collaboration with the Bristol Old Vic and the BBC as a writer following the Edinburgh Festival.

Praise for Following Wendy

**** Nominated ‘Best Newcomer’ Edinburgh spotlight

A compelling and gripping Vision

**** a masterpiece of pacing … a wonderful accomplishment Broadway Baby

**** an amazingly effective piece of theatre British Theatre Guide

**** a visual treat, filled with elegance Fringe Guru

**** flashes of brilliance in this backdrop of ingenuity ScotsGay

**** an inspired move Fest

**** a fantastic piece of writing Hairline

**** definitely worth experiencing Fresh Air Radio

Admission: £7.50(£6.50) – £9.50(£8.50)

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