Waiting for Alice

Wed 3rd – Mon 29th Aug 2011


“It is a Wonderland that is still being written and is notably lacking – lacking a protagonist.”





Jabberwocky Productions


An absurd, comic piece of new-writing, by Holly Roughan and Alex Woolf, exploring the imaginings of Lewis Carroll’s mind, the creative development of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and the reason why Alice is ‘the dullest girl in the world’. The audience is served tea and biscuits as they are invited to a tea party in Wonderland. It is a Wonderland that is still being written and is notably lacking – lacking a protagonist. The audience hears Carroll’s voice instruct the White Rabbit to go and collect ‘her’, a girl called Alice, despite the Rabbit’s protestations. However, the Rabbit is late and Carroll does not have enough time to write his protagonist, at least not fully. Waiting for Alice: Ravens & Writing-Desks contemplates why Alice is widely considered to be the least memorable character in her own story.

An extremely immersive experience, the audience are thrown down the rabbit hole into the magically eerie world of Wonderland. The characters mingle with the audience as they serve them tea, performing both on and off the stage. The action is accompanied by original music, composed and performed by Bristol University music scholar, David Ridley. Thus Waiting for Alice: Ravens & Writing-Desks becomes a truly sensory experience as the audience listen to the music of Wonderland, taste the drinks of the tea party and watch the fated events unfold.

Jabberwocky Productions was set up by two Bristol University English students, Katie Pesskin and Holly Roughan, with a desire to extend their dramatic projects beyond the University domain. It is a company that approaches plays initially from a literary, analytical background and then builds on the scripts in a playful and theatrical way. With a cast and crew entirely made up of university students, Jabberwocky Productions is thrilled to premiere at the Fringe with the enrapturing and wonderful world of Waiting for Alice: Ravens & Writing-Desks.


White Rabbit – Nick Finegan

Mock Turtle – Eleanor Henderson

Mad Hatter – Tom Wragg-Smith

Dormouse – Holly McKinlay

March Hare – Callum Brodie

Violin – David Ridley


Writers – Holly Race Roughan & Alex Woolf

Producer – Katie Pesskin

Assistant Producer – Lara Taylor

Director – Holly Race Roughan

Assistant Director – Alex Woolf

Admission: £5(£6) – £9(£8)

Pleasance Courtyard

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